My name is Erin.  I designed all of the t-shirts on here. I’m an artist and designer. I’ve lived solely off of my creative work for a little over a decade now.  I live in farm country, Michigan, USA with my husband (also a self-employed creative) and we have an exceptionally cute baby.

Bitcoin is rapidly ascending to the moon!  I’ve been a bug on the wall since the early days. It’s crazy to see something that I’ve watched come from total obscurity into being a household name.  I ‘ve been driving my loved ones completely nuts talking about it nonstop! I’ve been amazed to see that there are not many bitcoin t-shirts out there with creative designs.  So I’ve been spending days on end glued to my computer coming up with the most awesome bitcoin t-shirts I could imagine up… and here we are!

Want me to add your Bitcoin wallet address to a t-shirt?

There’s a pretty good spectrum of t-shirts in my shop, and I’ve got more coming soon.  If you’re looking for something specific or would like to have me add your bitcoin address to a t-shirt, I’d be glad to do a custom order for you.

You can message me on the contact form anytime, or feel free to shoot me a message over Telegram (my username is psbear64 – you can click here to automatically start a conversation with me on there) otherwise you’ll probably run into me on Reddit (u/psbear64) or on bitcointalk.org (my username is santapants over there… literally because I was wearing Santa pants when I set up my account.)

Anyway, that’s the story in a nutshell. Most of all, I’m enjoying seeing the world come together in such an unusual way. Vive la Satoshi!